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This will be the main page for general information about purchasing, shipping, and other other company information.


  • Discover cards cannot be used
  • If you attempt to make a purchase and the screen refreshes back to the credit card entry screen it means your bank has probably declined the transaction due to perceived "unusual activity" contacting them or using a different card may be neccesary
  • Paypal unfortunately is not currently an option or planned. They tend to arbitrarily lock small businesses out of their accounts and that is not something that we can sustainably support currently.


Shipping is currently handled through DHL. Depending on the volume of orders there have been known to be delays in moving large volume of items through customs. This tends to only happen with new product releases.

General info

  • Product Serial Numbers are 8 digits long. Sometimes they are accidently printed missing a leading digit. To resolve this please either look on the options screen of your device or scan the barcode on the serial sticker to obtain the full barcode.
  • Product serial numbers are unique to their respective serialized product. If you have 2 MODEs you have two sets of firmwares.