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The Super HD System 3 Pro (SHDS3) is an all-in-one device that allows users to experience the full range of NEC's PC-Engine, TurboGrafx-16, PC-Engine CD, Turbo-CD, and SuperGrafx software. It simulates all aspects of the hardware and contains such features as System & Arcade Card simulation, SuperGrafx simulation, per game save file storage, and HDMI or RGB output without jailbars.

Firmware can be downloaded here Please note that you need to register your device. If firmware is not present after registering, your device was shipped with the most recent firmware already installed. (Current Firmware is 1.01 R05)

Manual is located here


  • Any storage size MicroSD card should work as long as it is FAT32 or ExFAT formatted. TerraOnion generally recommends avoiding Samsung branded cards as they have been known to cause issues on their devices. Sandisk is the preferred manufacturer.
  • CD games must be in their own folders. The folder name dictates the name that is displayed in the SSDS3 menu for CD games. Nested folders are fully supported for both CD and Hu card games.
  • Lining up the pins correctly on the expansion port with the SHDS3 is extremely important. Failure to do so could bend or push in pins which will cause the SHDS3 not to function.
  • TurboGrafx-16 units have a different shaped expansion port. As such it is extremely easy to damage the pins trying to force a SHDS3 onto the unit. While it can be used, TerraOnion does not consider it an officially supported hardware. If you decide to use one (at your own risk) we recommend that you loosen the screws on the SSDS3 shell to allow the SHDS3 pin connector to slide on easier. You can tighten them after successful insertion.
  • PAL TurboGrafx units similarly have the same fitment issues. Also, they were altered to run at 50hz many games do not run correctly, so it is similarly considered unsupported by TerraOnion.
  • Old Power Supplies or poorly made 3rd party power supplies can cause issues running SHDS3 properly. TerraOnion recommends replacing your PSU if you have issues with the SHDS3 randomly crashing.
  • Cheaply made Genesis 2 composite cables frequently do not have stereo pins wired properly. This will cause audio to play only out of one speaker.


  • In Game Reset exists as a Trigger option (Run+Select held for three seconds). There is also a physical reset button on the back of the SHDS3. In Game Reset can be activated in the Options Menu.
  • You can assign a bios in the SHDS3 options menu. For the greatest compatibility TerraOnion recommends using either the US or JP 3.0 bios.
  • Turning Arcade Card emulation on in the options should be considered a default. It will turn off automatically behind the scene for games that do not need it.
  • Seek time emulation allows games to run at a simulation of the speed of an actual disc. If you have problems with a particular game try toggling it on and off. In most instances leaving it on works best. Also let the TerraOnion team know of your findings.

Game Compatibility & Known Issues

General issues

  • Certain BVM CRT models and the Framemeister do not work well with the PC-Engine video output and it can have sync issues. This is not an SHDS3 issue.
  • Composite Cables cannot be used when playing SuperGrafx or displaying the cover menu. HDRetrovision and CSync Scart cables however will work.
  • Audio via the RGB port is slightly lower than audio from the HDMI port. It is as loud as it can be at this point without clipping occurring.

Game issues

  • Sherlock Holmes: consulting Detective Vol 1 & 2 has audio/video desyncs.
  • Popful Mail: has corruption in the 2nd Intro movie.
  • Ranma 1/2: The fifth fighter will have audio issues.
  • Wonder Momo: The game title screen is doubled.
  • Iga Ninden Gao: Minor graphical corruption with the cutscene after starting the game.
  • Last Alert: Audio blip during intro
  • HyperDyne SideArms Special: Audio Desync during "Before Christ" campaign.
  • Tenshi no Uta: Issues reported but not verified.
  • Fighting Street: Occasional game hang-ups

Tips & Tricks

  • You can have the SHDS3 override the bios on a "per game" basis. To do this simply drop a specific bios into the same folder as your Game CD image. This is useful for the handful of GamesExpress titles as well as the earlier version of Altered Beast that only ran on the 1.0 bios.
  • You can dump your own hu cards. Instructions are here
  • Cover art, genre and release year info for ROMs can be added to the menu via a database file.