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Much like the original NeoSD, the NeoSD Pro is a flashcart for the Neo Geo AES home console and MVS arcade boards. The NeoSD Pro is an upgraded model.

It features 3840 megabits of memory divided up amongst 4 flash memory slots and 1 high speed ram memory slot, the same attractive and easy to use NeoSD interface, genre/favorites filtering and region free options. It also has supports for cheats and can play over 50 of the Neo Geo CD games.

Firmware can be downloaded here Please note that you need to register your device. If firmware is not present after registering, your device was shipped with the most recent firmware already installed. (Current Firmware is 1.07 R08)

Manual can be found here


  • Any storage size MicroSD card should work as long as it is FAT32 formatted. Terraonion generally recommends avoiding Samsung branded cards as they have been known to cause issues on their devices. Sandisk is the preferred manufacturer.
  • The Neobuilder tool is needed to compile your Neo Geo roms into the .Neo format, please see the Neobuilder Guide
  • For info on setting up CD games to work on the NeoSD Pro cartridge, please see the NeoSD Pro CD Setup Guide
  • For info on setting up cheats, please see the NeoSD Pro Cheats Guide


Game Compatibility & Known Issues

  • NeoSD Pro is 100% compatible with original retail cartridge games and the majority of home-brew.
  • Certain games may present graphic glitches with the In-Game Menu / In-Game Trigger enabled. Disabling these should resolve them. (Super Sidekicks 2 is an example)
  • CD conversions may exhibit sound or graphic issues and should be considered a work in progress, experimental feature.
  • The "Bad Apple" demo needs to use two slots so flash to either Slot 1 or Slot 3 otherwise you will have graphic corruption.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you load up a ROM and you get a black screen: This can happen if you're using a bad ROM image. Please go to your SD card, delete the file called lastgame.cfg and attempt to boot. If that does not work you can also reset the NeoSD by creating a file called reset.cfg (no contents needed) and that will force the NeoSD to reset and restore.