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Dragon Blade Graphical Glitch

14 Apr 2019, 17:33

PCEngine model: Supergrafx in position 1 (SuperGrafx mode)

Power Supply: RetroGameCave Premium SuperGrafx PSU

Video cable: RGB SCART

SD card brand: Sandisk Ultra 128 GB

Region modded?: Yes, in PC Engine mode.

SSDS3 revision 1, 2 or B?: Rev 2 on the latest firmware

In Game Trigger enabled in the Options menu?: Off

Any other details specific to your setup: Sony BVM-14F5U, Framemeister, GSCART Lite Switch

Problem or Issue: On the volcano stage the screen glitched out pretty badly when I shot the blue ground pod that contains a power up near the boss. Black textures showed up everywhere and it also turned all power ups + my character's shots into little black sideways T-shaped tetris blocks. The glitch can be seen here and it does persist upon death & level transitions:

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Re: Dragon Blade Graphical Glitch

14 Apr 2019, 22:51

Try using position 2 for PC Engine mode. Several games have graphical issues or crash when used with position 1 on a supergrafx. If it still happens with position 2 then it might be a compatibility problem.

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