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MODE FAQ: Read This First!

19 Jul 2020, 16:52

I'm going to start compiling frequently asked questions here to help mitigate unnecessary posts.

Q: My MODE Hasn't Shipped yet, what's up?

A: All MODEs should have shipped at this point. Expect a new batch to purchase in late September.


Q: Something went wrong with my install and MODE isn't working or isn't fully working properly. Help?!

A: It is hard to diagnosis issues on the forum without asking a lot of questions. The recommendation is to find us on DIscord to ask for install help:


Q: Why isn't my SD / SSD / HDD being recognized?

A: For best compatibility please use Exfat, MBR, with partition set to primary. Make certain there are no other partitions on your device. Make certain you have a "Saturn" or "Dreamcast" folder on each device. Make certain your firmware is up to date. If it still is not being recognized it could be a power concern (Install 2-pin power cable) or certain devices just aren't being read. While we do not have a formal list of devices to avoid, Samsung and Sony SD cards seem to occasionally not work and Samsung 840 SSDs may have issues. Also, users with 7200RPM HDDs seem to have more stuttering than with 5400. These experiences may not be universal and we will continue to test for compatibility and make firmware changes where we can.


Q. Any suggestions for Storage?

A: For Dreamcast go wild there is plenty of power and ventilation. For Saturn I'd personally recommend sticking to SD & SSD solutions. HDDs will work but they traditionally use more power and the Saturn has no active cooling. Anecdotally I would avoid Samsung SD cards as we have had some issues with users that are resolved after changing brands. Also 7200RPM HDDs seem to perform worse than 5400 RPM drives. Both of these are being looked at and may be addressed in updated firmware.


Q: I can't register my MODE or when I do there is no new firmware. Why?

A: We attempt to ship the MODE with the most recent firmware so if there is nothing on the site, you are already up to date. If you cannot register on teh site, please give it a day or two as the new serials need to be added to the database.


Q: Where is the cover database and how do I use it?


Drop the unzipped file into the root of your media (doesn't matter where but only in one location). When you boot up, change to Cover View in the settings, select a folder from MODE and hold "A" a submenu should pop-up. Select Scan Folder.


Q: In the Hunt and/or Croc aren't working properly on MODE for Saturn. Why?

A: Both had bad programming and have issues on original hardware. For In the Hunt unplug controller one after booting the game and wait until the title screen reappears before plugging back in. For Croc if the graphics are corrupt open the lid of the Saturn, shut it and then "Start Application" that should fix it.


Q: Is there a soft-reset back to menu (button combination only) for Dreamcast or Saturn?

A: Yes Enable the Soft Reset option within the MODE options and then use A+B+C+Start for Saturn or A+B+X+Y+Start for DC to reset back to MODE. Please note that some games do not support this functionality or use different combinations of butttons. This is game specific code, not MODE code.


Q: Is there game transfer support or save management through MODE?

A: Not yet, it is being looked into.

Q: Why is the Saturn Menu slightly wobbly on my TV?

A: It uses 480i which is the Saturn HiRes mode. Some modern TVs and upscalers do not like interlaced sources. We are looking into possibly having a 240P menu, but it would likely not support cover view. It is also a large change so it may not get coded any time soon

Q: Why does my PSKai cartridge boot twice or act weird with Saturn?

A: PSKai was not programmed to work specifically with MODE so changes on their side are needed for better compatibility. The double boot is because MODE resets each time it loads a game and PSKai kicks in again as it takes priority in the boot order.

Q: What do the various versions of redump dumps mean? Which is the best? (1S, 2S, 2M, RE, Rev A, RE1, etc)

A: Redump exists solely to catalog every version of every disc ever manufactured. With the codes there are 2 main versions: Discs that have a RE, RE1, Rev. A, Rev. B, etc. denote actual revisions of games with discernable in-game difference (code changes) and these codes mirror what might be found on the ring-code of the disc itself. Discs that have 1S, 2S, 3S, 1M, 2M, etc. are also ring-code identifiers but simply indications that the disc was manufactured in a separate run or location but the data contained on the disc is the same. The reason Redump catalogs them as that as part of the normally manufacturing process these discs have slight byte level offsets which make them unique from a CRC/Hash perspective but contain identical data as other versions. Typically the best version is the latest revision as it would have the fewest bugs but the other codes are inconsequential.


Additional Questions will be answered as they come up. Please feel free to respond below. After your question is answered it will be added here and your post will be removed to keep the thread clean.
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Re: MODE FAQ: Read This First!

06 Oct 2020, 01:54

What;s the file and directory name length limit on the MODE? Is it larger than the 56 for the SSDS3?

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