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solid white screen

27 Jun 2020, 07:37

PCEngine model: American Turbografx 16
Power Supply: original NEC
Video cable:RGB Scart cable (Genesis 2)
SD card brand: Sandisk
Region modded?: No
SSDS3 revision 1, 2 or B?: Rev 2
In Game Trigger enabled in the Options menu? NO

Problem or Issue:
When I power on, all I get is a solid white screen. I have verified that the until is fully plugged in to the console. I have been using it since 2018, it worked fine until recently.

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Re: solid white screen

30 Jun 2020, 23:16

I just pulled mine out and getting the exact same thing, on both a TG-16 and CoreGrafx. It has to do with how the connection is seated between the SSD3 and the console. It's pretty touchy.

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Re: solid white screen

05 Jul 2020, 01:17

Thanks, but I've connected / re-seated it at least a dozen times now, on two different consoles. It is FIRMLY attached and fully seated. No luck. I'm pretty sure it's a bad solder joint on the connector, but removing / re-flowing it will be a big pain in the rear.

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Re: solid white screen

08 Jul 2020, 11:07

I don't know how helpful this is as I've only had the unit for less then a week, However I had the same problem when I first connected mine up. It' turned out to be the Scart Cable, It just needed to be pushed in a little bit more. So the connection for me was a bit tight and I didn't want to damaged the unit. A little pressure and it's now fine.

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