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NeoSD Pro AES - Sound issues on certain games

18 May 2020, 03:52

Hello - after some troubleshooting

My NeoSD Pro works fine except for 3 games that I noticed had sound issues:

-Metal Slug 2 - no sound effects for player (ie. bullets) - also at the title screen, it doesn't say "Metal Slug" but says the 2
-Samurai Shodown - no sound after VS screen and battle begins
-King of Fighters 98 - China Team no music

-I have tested with different rom dumps and even had a friend send his converted *.neo roms of the above 3.
-i have tested using a different SD card. The video link below shows an empty SD card for example
- have yet to test other games but so far I haven't found any issues except for the above three.
-So far, all other games have been fine (including the NeoCD stuff) and also my own "amateur" homebrew rom works as expected.

I'm really thinking its a problem with the cartridge, so Is there any troubleshooting steps I should go through? :?:

:arrow: I've linked a video capture of this strange glitch:
I even tried switching between AES/MVS modes from the UniBIOS in case anyone wondered if it made a difference
@1:50 - Metal Slug title screen, the announcer doesn't say "Metal Slug", but says 2
@2:15 - no bullet sounds and other sound effects
@5:35 - Samurai SHodown - sound cuts off during the VS speech and before the battle starts
@10:30 King of Fighters no China Team music.

:!: Notes about my AES Console:
-it is a first 1 (NEO-AES)
-re-capped and overall very clean
-RGB Bypass mod and captured through OSSC
-UniBIOS 4.0 (purchased from Razoola before it was free)
-Original PSU and also a Triad Magentics PSU
(I don't think its an issue with my console)

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Re: NeoSD Pro AES - Sound issues on certain games

19 May 2020, 17:04

We've not seen this reported before that I can recall.

Do you have access to another AES to test with?

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