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Audio strutter with SSDS3

12 Sep 2019, 20:36

PCEngine model: Coregrafx and a white vanilla one

Power Supply: Third party, tested with a handful of them.

Video cable: RGB cable

SD card brand: Sandisk ultra 32gb and a Kingston 10 32gb

Region modded?: No

SSDS3 revision 1, 2 or B?: 2 modded with the capacitor mod

In Game Trigger enabled in the Options menu? Issue appears with this option enabled and disabled

Any other details specific to your setup: The system is connected to a framemeister, but the issue also happens with an OSSC, the cable is from

Audio strutter happens semi-random on some games, is not a hummig but a brief "BRZZT", it's semi random because on some games happens always on the same portions, like the tree ones on the Rondo of blood menu.

This only happens with cdrom games, hucard games work fine, also I know is not the console because I've got both a cdrom2 drive and a original Dracula X copy and it doesn't do any strange noises.

I've tried to format the card and the issue doesn't go away, also I've tried to disable the game trigger and the arcade card with no avail, check the video to see the glicht in action.

EDIT: Some silly typos.

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Re: Audio strutter with SSDS3

14 Sep 2019, 23:05

Ok, after trying with another memory card just In case I'm the most unluckiest amazon customer, I've decided to take my copy of draculax and dump to an bin/cue by myself and It works, without the farting, so looks that my iso images are not so ok after all.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to redump another iso from one of the ones not working and see If I can "fix" them, because looking after them around Internet is going to be a pain in the ass.

EDIT: After an afternoon of redownloading and redumping I've fixed the problem entirely, no more sound cracking/farting.

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