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Super SD System 3 hangs at game select.

29 Jul 2019, 05:47

System: PC Engine (original)
Power Supply: Third-party, works with PC Engine/TG16
SD Card: Sandisk Ultra Plus MicroSD, 128GB
AV: Genesis Model 2, from a CDX
Controller (because why not): Avenue Pad 6
Firmware: Most recent

I bought the device a while back, just got my PC Engine out of storage. It works with HuCards just fine, but I've been having issues with the SD System.

Whenever I turn the system on, I can navigate the menu, but when I go to look at my games, it freezes. Sometimes I can get it to load up a game (tried Aero Blasters with it, it worked fine!) but as I try and scroll through the list it freezes. Cd games aren't loading if I can select one before the thing freezes up, just hangs at the "please wait" screen.

If I had to fathom a guess, I'd guess the MicroSD card. Am I using one that's too big? Either way, it shouldn't be freezing when going through the friggin' menus.

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Re: Super SD System 3 hangs at game select.

29 Jul 2019, 14:46

Do you have In Game Trigger enabled? If so, turn it off.

If you can get us a video of how it is behaving we might be able to narrow it down.

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