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CROC Saturn "no head glitch"

30 Jun 2020, 19:23

Hi just wondering if the mode has a fix for the infamous "no head" glitch in CROC on the Saturn? The game had a unique glitch if you powered on the system with the disc in the system. CROC'S head would disappear as well as a number of other odd visual glitches making the game difficult to play. I believe the glitch was caused by the Devs forgetting to initialise one of the display processors. To avoid the glitch you would have to boot the Saturn to the CD player menu then incert the game and boot it. The glitch was in the US and PAL versions. The Japanese version had the issue fixed.

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Re: CROC Saturn "no head glitch"

24 Aug 2020, 18:15

I have encountered this as well...will this be addressed in a future firmware revision?

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Re: CROC Saturn "no head glitch"

24 Aug 2020, 18:29

There's a work around posted in the FAQ:

RevQuixo wrote:
19 Jul 2020, 16:52

Q: In the Hunt and/or Croc aren't working properly on MODE for Saturn. Why?

A: Both had bad programming and have issues on original hardware. For In the Hunt unplug controller one after booting the game and wait until the title screen reappears before plugging back in. For Croc if the graphics are corrupt open the lid of the Saturn, shut it and then "Start Application" that should fix it.

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Re: CROC Saturn "no head glitch"

24 Aug 2020, 20:56

There is also an alternative fix. Create a file in the directory for Croc called Mode.cfg

In this file (which should be set-up like a simple txt file) write: Flags=18

This will instruct MODE to boot the game to the CD player first.

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Re: CROC Saturn "no head glitch"

24 Aug 2020, 21:57

Wow, thank you....very handy!

Edit: This did the trick. Thank you for the tip. Thats a lot easier than doing something (or remembering even) every time you would like to play the game. Is there any documentation anywhere for these .cfg hacks so we can reference these settings if needed later with compatiblity?

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Re: CROC Saturn "no head glitch"

27 Aug 2020, 23:26

I am Stupid.... Didn't notice that Windows named it Mode.cfg.txt


I'm feeling fairly stupid.. I added the Mode.cfg file with "Flags=18". Dropped it into the Croc folder and it still boots up with the missing head.
This seems to be a no brainer. ???

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