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Project E announced !

09 Feb 2020, 10:45

Hello, regarding the new Terraonion project : "Project E"
A lot of people speculate about an hypothetical PS2 ODE : I think it would be awesome !

But no one speculate about an hypothetical Xbox original ODE : if it's this, it would be really AWESOME, because there is no really easy solution for original Xbox, and if it's not, why not thinking to make it ?


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Re: Project E announced !

21 Feb 2020, 10:55

So I was originally going to post this 2 weeks ago, but then I got lazy and didn't want to type it, but then I told my friend anyway, so I'll just copy and past it here. Basically, I dreamed about this new product for some reason and this is what it turned out as in my dream:

"So in my dream, they made an SNES flash cart, but here's the weird part: in order to get it, you have to send them your SD2SNES (or Pro). They then take the board out and put it in a donor cart, which is a game from the 90s called SNES Battle Cart, which is short for cartridge, not like the type you drive around.

The logo for this game is the same style as the SD2SNES with the SNES letters in red and the Battle Cart in grey and has the same blocks on the label. It's always the PAL/Japan cart shape, even the US version. Naturally, this game only exists in my dream.

Then they take your SD2SNES and put their own SNES flash cart board into it and then they put that inside a picture frame thing so you can hang it on your wall. They send you the SNES Battle Cart along with this so you can still use your SD2SNES."

I don't know why I dreamed this, but I did, so here it is.

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