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NeoSD and NeoSD Pro Troubleshooting FAQ

19 Feb 2019, 16:08

This is a WIP and will be evolving over time. Feel free to make suggestions down below of anything that should be added or corrected.

-------------------------------------Usage issues-------------------------------------

Question: HELP! I was upgrading the firmware and the power went out or I accidentally switched my Neo Geo off and now it boots up to a black screen or a picture with scrambled graphics.

Answer: You can recover this by forcing the firmware back onto the NeoSD. Login to the downloads section of the Terraonion website and download the most recent firmware for your NeoSD. It will be called something like "XXXX_update.udp". The XXXX is the serial number of your device. Rename the file from "XXXX_update.udp" to "XXXX_forced.udp". Copy it onto the root of your MicroSD card and power your Neo Geo back on. Wait several minutes. You will not see any progress. Then power off and back on and you should be good.

Question: I copied my Mame roms onto the my microsd card but it doesn't work. Why?

Answer: The NeoSD and NeoSD Pro require the roms to be processed through the NeoBuilder tool and converted into .neo format. Login to the Terraonion downloads section and you will find the tool under your registered serial number for your NeoSD.


Question: Does the NeoSD or NeoSD Pro need an upgraded power supply to work with the Neo Geo AES home console and is it ok to use a 3rd party PSU if I don't have an SNK original?

Answer: No it does not need an upgraded PSU. We HIGHLY recommend using an original SNK PSU if using the Neo Geo home console. Generally speaking cheap 3rd power supplies are problematic and cause audio and video noise issues. Avoid them and use either an original PSU or a very high quality 3rd party PSU.
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