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My NeoSD Pro MVS stopped working the first day, black screen

08 Nov 2020, 19:05


I bought the NEOSDPro MVS from you together with a MODE. While the MODE is working perfectly the NEO SD stopped working after a few weird glitches after the second flashing of games. Now the I can't get back to the menu anymore and the card is obviously not detected anymore by my 2-slot MVS since it is going directly into the crosshatch test.
I tried to reset.cfg on two different fat32 formatted sd cards, which was suggested in the thread with exactly the same problem.


I also tried the card with these sd cards as well as without any sd inserted on a friends OMEGA CMVS with the result of a black screen as well.
Of course I tried official carts on his OMEGA as well as on my 2-slot and they worked both before and after this black screen issue from the NEOSD (even my Darksoft MVS Multi still does).
I have also tried the 2 slot in my JAMMA Super NEO29 cab as well as using a HAS Supergun (and the OMEGA).

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Re: My NeoSD Pro MVS stopped working the first day, black screen

11 Nov 2020, 10:07

You use default PSU or new one ?

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