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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

07 Feb 2020, 10:33

I ordered in December and received my cart. I am also in the same situation.

I sincerely hope that we get replacement parts. I had to pay 107 CDN dollars in Duty charges.

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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

07 Feb 2020, 20:29

Sorry for the hold up guys. Our plastics guy is in China and this whole virus outbreak thing has caused all sorts of chaos in the region.

Soon as we know anything we will let you know.
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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

08 Feb 2020, 05:46

Thanks Todd, much respect for keeping an eye on this issue, completely understand the situation in China.


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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

18 Feb 2020, 13:07

I have got NEOSD pro.
I tried it on my three AES for Japan.
Ver.5 not boot
Ver.6 Boot well
Ver.7 not Boot
Without spacer Ver5 and 7 boot well.

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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

28 Feb 2020, 06:45

I just want to add I have this issue too.

My AES is 100% stock, no modifications of any type. Japanese version, fully recapped with Nichicon capacitors.

If I remove the shell of my NEOSD Pro then it works perfectly fine. With the shell on, it will not boot. I received my NEOSD Pro about 10 days ago.
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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

29 Feb 2020, 15:03

Hi - Are there any updates to this issue?

Know the plastics guy is dealing with major issues in China, but I’m looking at this device on my desk, and I have a $500 paperweight at this point.

What are the options to get our devices actually working? Having it out of the shell, or removing the spacer and having an open device at the bottom just doesn’t seem ideal.

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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

03 Mar 2020, 15:40

Please add me to the list when you get the new spacers. I have a 3-6 neo geo aes and bought a NeoSD Pro back around christmas. I just received my AES last week (took forever to find a good condition one on ebay without crazy prices). At first I thought my power supply was the issue since I was actually seeing a blue screen but when I found this post and they mentioned the 3-6 issue I investigated. My AES was a 3-6 and when I sanded down the 2 inner pcb slots of the spacer it booted right up.

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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

07 Mar 2020, 18:42

Yep, same problem here. Got mine from Stoneagegamer 2/24. Seems like the last batch had the issue.

For now I'm just keeping the spacer out, because I'm not sure I want to make alterations. The problem is, sometimes I have glitchy graphics and need to re-seat and reboot. I believe this is due to not having the plastic to guide the board into the correct position.

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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

25 Mar 2020, 02:46

Me too, on the spacer.

(Same Boat, Same Batch from Stone Age Gamer, same issue until I removed the spacer. Now it works fine.)
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Re: NeoSD Pro booting to white screen

27 Mar 2020, 22:14

I just bought a brand new NEO SD PRO from Terraonion website but sadly I have same issue, so i decided to follow this tutorial but it's only work when i totally remove the two spacer :(
So it's not solved for me. ... e=emb_logo
i'm very happy by chosing the neo sd pro but the only thing is i didn't bought it with black friday offer so it's very very hurts my heart by spending 130 € custom fees and get this issue.
I feel very scary for my console everytime i put the cartbridge inside.

Fingers crossed for a solution.

Thanks very much for reading me and hope evreyone is safe at this moment.

Take care

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