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Garou Mark of the Wolves

Posted: 01 Sep 2019, 21:54
by Brent321

I have a problem playing Garou Mark of the Wolves. The game will start but the first two buttons wont work when actually playing the game. This and the first fight you play will sometimes say FINAL ROUND. Only the C and D button work when playing this game. Other games like Samurai Showdown Special V work fine.

Is there something I could do like reload firmware? I tried redownloading the game and making a new .neo file.



Re: Garou Mark of the Wolves

Posted: 02 Sep 2019, 12:01
by neodev
That looks like corrupt backup save data. Try deleting it. First in the sd card, in the BUP folder, delete any files starting with "garou", then insert the sd card and before turning your mvs on, set all the dipswitches to ON. When the screen says work ram test, turn it off, and set your dips to the values you had before, then load garou and check if it's ok.

Re: Garou Mark of the Wolves

Posted: 04 Sep 2019, 05:37
by Brent321
Hi NeoDev,

Thanks for the information. I formatted the memory card (Unibios 3.1) and it works normal.

Thanks for the help,


Re: Garou Mark of the Wolves

Posted: 12 Apr 2020, 21:55
by annejones101
Go check out some of the KoF games if Mark of the Wolves is to your liking. Dong Hwan shares a very similar moveset to Kim in King of Fighters 98 if I remember right (it's been a while since I played both MotW and KoF98, but I know the two TKD fighters in MotW take different moves of Kim's from different games).

Of course, KoF is a 3v3 game, so you will probably need to pick up some other characters, but a lot of MotW characters have movesets similar to some in the KoF games. There are a few additional mechanics, but for the most part you will probably feel right at home. 9apps vidmate