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NeoSD Pro CD games master list

02 Jul 2019, 15:43

This is the NeoSD Pro CD games master list thread. This thread will be updated to show the list of supported games and detail any new ones added.

For CD support, you need to have NeoSD PRO firmware 1.07 R08 or later. You can always find the latest zip file with the required .neo files in the downloads section.

This is NOT a general support thread.

A forum member has already created one of those. Issues with games or how to get CD games running, please see here:

As of June 27th, these are the supported Neo Geo CD games:

2020 Baseball - 2020bbcd.neo
ADK World - adkworld.neo
Alpha Mission 2 - alpham2cd.neo
Art of Fighting - aofcd.neo
Art of Fighting 2 - aof2cd.neo
Blue's Journey - bjourneycd.neo
Baseball Stars 2 - bstars2cd.neo
Burning Fight - burningfcd.neo
Neo Geo CD Special - cdspecial.neo
Crossed Swords - crswordcd.neo
Crossed Swords 2 - cswords2.neo
Cyber Lip - cyberlipcd.neo
Footbal Frenzy - fbfrenzycd.neo
Final Romance 2 - fromance2.neo
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer - gowcaizrcd.neo
Ghosts Pilots - gpilotscd.neo
Iron Clad - ironcladcd.neo
Quest of Jongmaster: Mahjong Janshin Densetsu - janshincd.neo
King of Fighters 96 Collection - kof96c.neo
The Last Blade - lastbladcd.neo
The Last Blade 2 - lastbld2cd.neo
League Bowling - lbowlingcd.neo
Last Resort - lresortcd.neo
Magician Lord - maglordcd.neo
Mahjong Kyoretsuden - mahretsucd.neo
Master of Shougi - moshougicd.neo
Metal Slug 2 - mslug2cd.neo
Metal Slug - mslugcd.neo
Mutation Nation - mutnatcd.neo
Nam 1975 - nam1975cd.neo
Ninja Combat - ncombatcd.neo
Ninja Commando - ncommandcd.neo
Puzzle Bobble - pbobblencd.neo
Power Spikes 2 - pspikes2cd.neo
Puzzled - puzzledcd.neo
Rally Chase - ralchase.neo
Riding Hereo - ridherocd.neo
Samurai Shodown - samshocd.neo
Samurai Shodown II - samsho2cd.neo
Samurai Shodown III - samsho3cd.neo
Samurai Shodown IV - samsho4cd.neo
Sengoku - sengokucd.neo
Soccer Brawl - socbrawlcd.neo
Super Sidekicks - ssidekicd.neo
Samurai Shodown RPG - ssrpg.neo
Super Spy - superspycd.neo
Neo Turf Masters - turfmastcd.neo
Viewpoint - viewpoincd.neo
Worlds Heroes - wh1cd.neo
Windjammers - wjammerscd.neo
Zintrick - zintrick.neo

If you see any errors with the list, please let me know.

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Re: NeoSD Pro CD games master list

03 Jul 2019, 16:29

I've created a list with CRC-32 checksums from all working Neo Geo CD images. ... sp=sharing

CRCs can be easily calculated with crc32sum.exe from hashutils on the Windows command line or can be viewed with 7-Zip if the files are in a zip archive.

PS: .*cue file CRCs are less important than the content, since it might contain comments.

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Re: NeoSD Pro CD games master list

04 Jul 2019, 04:01


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