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Memory Card Support

12 Feb 2020, 00:14

Hi all,

So I've been having weird issues with my memory card. While I'm in a current gaming session, the card works just fine, saving each game I use it on. If I come back in another day, most of the saves are gone. I was thinking the battery has run dry, but it looks like it has been replaced already.
So two questions:

1. Am I doing something that is causing my memory card to be wiped out each day?
2. Is there any way to have built in memory card support on the NeoSD Pro?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Memory Card Support

14 Feb 2020, 15:38

That really sounds like a bad memory card. It's an original SNK one?

I would really suggest the NeoSaveMasta memory card from: https://www.neogeofanclub.com/

I've used his card quite a bit with the NeoSD Pro and haven't experienced any issues.

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Re: Memory Card Support

16 Feb 2020, 23:10

Yes, it is an SNK Japanese Neo Geo memory card.

The Neo Save Masta is not in stock, I spoke with the maker of them and he told me he doesn't plan on making any more for quite some time.
Are there any plans to support save files on the NeoSD Pro? I've noticed the cart is able to save Neo Geo CD games, is it possible/planned for save backups on MVS and AES games?

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