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NeoSD Pro Vertical Lines

28 Feb 2019, 23:06


I just purchased a NeoSD Pro and I am getting a lot of vertical lines once I launch the game. It is almost as if there are scanlines on the game but nothing should be inserting them. The menus appear fine but the actual game is drastically changed. Every single rom I have tried looks this way. I own a few original Neo Geo AES games and they all look fine. I am using the official SNK Pro Pow power supply 5V 3A.

Troubleshooting done so far:

- Plugged the Neo Geo directly into the TV (which processes 240p correctly) no change
- Verified I am using the correct Pro Pow power supply
- Tried multiple roms of multiple different games and they all have these vertical lines

Neo Geo AES US model
Model Number: Neo AEC
Rating 8w
Use Pro Pow AC adaptor only

I sent this message to support but thought I would post it here in case anyone else is having a similar issue.

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Re: NeoSD Pro Vertical Lines

01 Mar 2019, 00:09

We are still researching this. Our guess is that a couple pins on the cart slot aren’t communicating with the NeoSD Pro.

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Re: NeoSD Pro Vertical Lines

01 Mar 2019, 05:51

The fitment on the pro was super tight on my AES. Reseating it a few times got rid of the lines for me.

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Re: NeoSD Pro Vertical Lines

01 Apr 2019, 23:29

Yeah I am having issues with the fitment as well, it almost feels like its too much force to push down and in.

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