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Pixel problem, unstability

17 Jan 2019, 10:17

Just recently got issues with my NeoSD AES version. Havent had any issues with it at all, but all of a sudden I get pixel defects.

Notice thats most often in menus.

Some games (Last Resort) wont run at all, reporting "bad contacts... " by the UniBios4.0 and reboot itself.

The contacts I have cleaned, and they are very good condition. After cleaning, reinserting etc etc the problem is still there, the pixels seems to be at the same spots aswell.



Have a NEO-AES 3-5, using a 10V 3A high quality power supply. Velleman. This is what I've used all the time.

Edit: Things I have tested since I posted.
* Resetted the NeoSD with the reset.cfg method.
* Cleaned the contacts again.
* Tried with unibios 3.3.
* Formatted the SD-card.
* Tried another SD-card.

Posts: 10
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Re: Pixel problem, unstability

17 Jan 2019, 14:12

Problem solved!

I tested a third SD-card, rebuilded my archive, put reset.cfg on the SD-card.
And that did it.
Suppose the first one became corrupt, second might not be compatible.. but all worked with the third one!

Thanks god there is nothing wrong with the NeoSD and the AES.

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