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Re: glitches with neosd pro

09 Feb 2020, 14:44

jjennings089 wrote:
07 Feb 2020, 07:15
retro game cave is working on a newer higher amp power supply.
The one they have listed is for 5V systems only. Have they mentioned a propow-3 version somewhere? It kind of burns having to spend more money on a new PSU when this was supposed to work with original hardware.

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Re: glitches with neosd pro

10 Feb 2020, 08:29

Well considering the age of the hardware; unless you have had it professionally refurbished with new caps and considering the number of revisions to the original boards. It's really hard to dial in the details of this kind of device.

I lucked out with a 3-5 aes board which are one of the better ones for rgb quality and sound. I did the same as you. I'm not going to use a 30 year old PSU so I got the retrogamecave version. Then I got one of those horrible 161 in one carts which would not work on the lower apm power supply. I upgraded to the 4amp version firebrandx recommends. Which makes the 161 and NeoSD PRO work 90% of the time. I still have issues running in MVS mode and flashing a game to a slot blacks out the screen. I just wait till the green led quits flashing then I know its loaded, then power off for a few minutes then turn it back on. Everything then works fine.

In the end it's old hardware with age issues. Plus you adding on a higher AMP cartridge. Somewhere something has to give.

I'm sending mine out in a week to get recapped and inspected. Im also going to get an omega MVS for the MVS Pro carts to see if that's any better of a solution. Mega money spent; but it's a great system to have.

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Re: glitches with neosd pro

29 Feb 2020, 09:34

jjennings089 wrote:
07 Feb 2020, 07:15
retro game cave is working on a newer higher amp power supply.
I don’t think the power supply is the real issue, it’s an easy cop out answer though to kick the needed support can further down the road. In some cases it may well be, but unlikely for most.

I have the above mentioned issue and I have a brand new high quality industrial 9 volt 5 amp power brick (acquired from my work place), not some little 2 or 3 amp wall wart.

It can likely be fixed in firmware but may take some time tracking down the exact reason it is happening. It does however seem to be 9 volt system specific, a good place for the devs to start looking.

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Re: glitches with neosd pro

17 Mar 2020, 03:51

I have this same issue. Got a brand new NeoSD Pro from SAG 3 days ago. Running it on a Japanese AES with original japanese bios, all completely stock. SNK Neo-POW3 output DC 10V 1000mA, I am using a Levelhike HDMI adapter (waiting for scart cable for my ossc).

The issue is completely random it seems while a game is running. Yes, pressing the reset will get it back to normal again. Maybe it is an issue that can be resolved within the firmware?

Aside from this, I love love the NeoSD Pro. Great product!

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Re: glitches with neosd pro

08 May 2020, 12:14

I have the 9v neo 3-6 revision and get some crawling pixels and Need to fully restart the console for them to go away, along with the unibios 4.0 resetting to europe every time I restart the system with the neosd pro. With regular AES carts, it doesn't do that.

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