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DHL Duty/Tax Prices

30 Oct 2020, 01:24

I was just *dinged* $181.89 CAD from DHL. Last purchase was like $55 CAD, and another before that was $129CAD. I'm guessing the tax is dependant on the total price of the items. ie. 19% import tax or whatever?

Now I see a lot of talk on other forums about DHL... I know Terraonion is sticking with them so fine it is what it is.

Is this just a normal thing for shipping from Andorra to Canada (ie. we've been spoiled by Amazon Prime prices)? Like are we paying for sales tax + shipping? I don't understand the economics behind this.

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Re: DHL Duty/Tax Prices

30 Oct 2020, 07:05

I think it depends on how "buy the book" the shipper and courier are.

I'm also in Canada. I always end up paying the equivalent of sales tax plus the DHL brokerage fee.

TO needs to declare the true value of the items they ship so that they can file a claim with DHL, if the package gets lost.

If they didn't do this, TO would be out of pocket, to replace a missing order.

I've bought many items from the around the world (mainly the USA, Japan and China). Sometimes, and without my ever asking, the shipper declared the items as "documents". Or declared the true value as very low. In these cases, I didn't end up having to pay any import fees, but the shipper was taking on risk that TO is not able to afford.

Retro gaming can be an expensive hobby. The market is relatively small and the economies of scale mean that the manufacturing cost and amortized R&D cost are quite high, on a per unit basis. I'd rather that TO stay a viable company (able to bring new products to market and support their existing products) than live on the edge.

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