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[Suggestion] Kickly switch the device between 2 consoles

20 Apr 2020, 20:05

To the devs:

There's some way to develop some kind of switcher, wire extensions to "install" the device on saturn AND dreamcast at the same time, only flipping a switch when using? Since there's no soldering envolved and all.

Thanks in advance

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Re: [Suggestion] Kickly switch the device between 2 consoles

23 Apr 2020, 15:24

I have this same question.
If MODE is connected to both Saturn and Dreamcast at the same time, and if I power only one or the other console at a time, will there be any electrical/firmware issue?
If so, would MODE correctly cope with both systems files in the same HDD file system?
I have both Sega systems out of their shells inside an arcade cabinet and if the above would be possible it would be a fantastic solution. :)
Thank you.

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