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So... whats next for TerraOnion?

06 Aug 2019, 04:55

We all know that you have made MAGNIFICENT products for retro gamers over the past few years.

Ypu have just broke the internet with the Mega SD, and you did it before with the NEO SD and the Super SD System 3.

So... whats next? are you planning to keep making propducts to replace optical drives on retro consoles? Theres not much else that can be done that already exists, maybe improve a couple of them.. but c'mon you always do NEW THINGS.

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Re: So... whats next for TerraOnion?

13 Aug 2019, 17:16

I think all that's left to conquer is the mighty Sega 32X.

I'm hoping for a cartridge that can play 32X games. Or even better a cartridge that can play both 32X and Sega cd games!

Would be great to finally be able to play those 32X Sega cd enhanced games!

Who knows what things Terraonion are dreaming up?

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