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Saturn Only Boots To CD Player

19 Nov 2020, 21:34

I got my Mode recently for the Saturn. I have a 21 pin model 2. I've tried both the Saturn Power and the External adapter. The Mode is lighting up, so it is getting power. But everytime I boot the Saturn, it goes straight to the CD player menu and never goes to the Mode menu. I've also tested with SSD, SD cards, both plugged in and unplugged. I also checked on my Terraonion page for a firmware, and I see nothing after registering my products (I have all adblockers turned off in case that was an issue). I'm all out of ideas.

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Re: Saturn Only Boots To CD Player

27 Nov 2020, 08:27

THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED PLEASE. I also just purchased one a week ago and get the same error. SSD, Micro SD and USB all tested and none working. MODE PWR and HDD lights are active. ACCESS only lights up once in the beginning then stays off. Drives are not being read or booted. I have Model 2 Saturn which doesn't have a control ribbon on the front of the machine like others. 21 pin on the right side and 5 pin near the light that indicates power. This model has not been shown in any videos I have watched.

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Re: Saturn Only Boots To CD Player

29 Nov 2020, 00:25

The only thing I can come up with.. did you sure the pin cable is in all the way or correctly.? Issue doesnt seem like it's the power.. more of the motherboard not being able to read mode

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Re: Saturn Only Boots To CD Player

30 Nov 2020, 08:11

You'll typically find much faster help and much more in depth troubleshooting if you join the official Discord.


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