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MODE Registration

19 Oct 2020, 12:12

I have registered my MODE using the serial number on the downloads product page, but when I click on "Downloads", the latest firmware doesn't appear nor does the manual. I have the MegaSD and Super SD, and the relevant files are there in Downloads.

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Re: MODE Registration

15 Nov 2020, 04:18

I too have the same question. I got my MODE for Dreamcast yesterday.
Although I managed to get mine working by dragging the images and dropping them into folders.
I was confused at first as to what to do. But now I got it figured out.

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Re: MODE Registration

15 Nov 2020, 18:58

TO knows, by serial number, what version of firmware shipped with each unit.

You'll only see firmware in the download section if an update has been released after the version that shipped with your MODE.

If you do notice that your MODE is on an older firmware, contact TO support.

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