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SCART & Tink or RAD2X for the Saturn?

19 Oct 2020, 03:47

Trying to get the best visual output for my system on modern TVs... so I am debating between
SCART ( ... art-cable/ ) and Retro Tink ( ... k-2x-scart )
RAD2X ... 480P-CABLE

The SCART Solution I can use for all my older systems that accept SCART like the PCEgine/Turbo GrafX and etc...

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Re: SCART & Tink or RAD2X for the Saturn?

24 Nov 2020, 03:54

Depends on what sort of signals your TV is compatible with

I am using an LG OLED65E6, and so far it is able to accept all sorts of resolutions from my various consoles.

My Saturn is currently connected to a cheap SCART to HDMI converter while waiting for the Rad2X to restock. It is configured to output a 1024 x 768 signal to my TV.
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