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Re: PS1 Revision?

13 Nov 2020, 10:19

Mobiusstriptech wrote:
13 Nov 2020, 04:11
It's a quick solder board, like the xstation. It has a plug and play flex cable. No flex soldering.
That sounds a lot better. ;)

Interesting though, because Terraonion products normally don't need any soldering for standard features - is the PS1 security so toughe?

Good that I have a ton of PS1s in a box around here. Hopefully one of the versions is compatible :p

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Re: PS1 Revision?

13 Nov 2020, 12:24

It's not a security issue. It's that the only way to gain access to the necessary signals is with soldering. The alternative is interfacing with the board as the laser assembly which is complex and hugely time consuming.

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