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SD Card quality query

Posted: 21 Sep 2020, 17:30
by Slates
Hi all,

I have an issue I'm encountering and wanted to ask you guys for your expertise. Hope the following makes sense...

I currently use a 256g Kingston SD card on my DC MODE setup which is close to full capacity with 220ish game files. When running PSOv2, Crazy Taxi and HotD I have graphical glitches, freeze ups and audio distortion. If I copy those 3 iso's onto an empty 64g SanDisk SD Card and load up the games they run quicker (load times), smoother with no graphical glitches or freezing up for 30/40s and the audio plays perfectly.

My question is regarding the main SD Card I'm using. Are Kingston SD Cards known for slow read write times and generally for cheaper quality, so when close to capacity have issues running demanding games? I'm thinking to purchase a Samsung SD Card 256/512g EVO select but I don't want to fork out the money unless I know this cures the issue I'm having.

Hope this makes sense. Hope someone can advise

Re: SD Card quality query

Posted: 25 Sep 2020, 07:30
Kingston makes quality stuff, so I don't think there is anything wrong with the brand itself. However, MODE has been known to work better with some brands rather than others. I haven't heard anyone mention having major problems with Kingston, but since there's a ton of different Kingston cards, there could be some oddity. That said, I'd guess it may be more of an issue with the card being close to capacity. A lot of PC enthusiasts recommend not filling traditional hard drives to the max either due to potential performance issues. Obviously, there's no real perfect way to test that, other than maybe filling that Kingston card only halfway and trying those trouble games again to see if there are still problems.

As for Samsung, TerraOnion recommends avoiding Samsung SD cards. That brand seems to cause more documented issues when using SD cards. I'd definitely recommend a Sandisk card!