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Which Saturn model for the MODE?

Posted: 01 Sep 2020, 20:32
by Sjorspion
Can someone give me some advice?
I have a Pal Sega Saturn Model 2 (round buttons) with a 50/60hz switch+Rhea and a Japanese Sega Saturn (oval buttons) with the original discdrive.
Which Saturn model would be best to use for the MODE?

Re: Which Saturn model for the MODE?

Posted: 19 Sep 2020, 18:48
by Narenek
Personally I'd say the Japanese model. It looks better IMO, and is true 60HZ rather than the PAL version with a mod chip (they come out slightly below the NTSC 60HZ models, so it's not true 60HZ). It's probably not much of a difference in reality but scalers such as the OSSC and some TV's can have problems with the 'fake' 60 HZ of a modded console. Plus the majority of games were designed in Japan or the US so playing on an NTSC machine is closer to how they are meant to be played

Then fill it with US and Japanese NTSC versions of games, only using PAL versions if the previous 2 aren't available

Re: Which Saturn model for the MODE?

Posted: 30 Oct 2020, 18:16
by Sjorspion
Thanks for the reply! I have a few pal exclusive games that run weird in 60hz, but it's just a hand full :D

Re: Which Saturn model for the MODE?

Posted: 10 Nov 2020, 08:06
by cleeg
Can anyone tell me if the mode is capable of switching Hz speeds of the console, when running games from other regions?

I think I already know the answer is no, but want to be sure.