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Adding your own covers

19 Aug 2020, 19:45

Is there anyway to add your own covers to the saturn.

I really like some of the saturn dave variants he's made and would like to add a few of them.

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Re: Adding your own covers

19 Aug 2020, 20:35

As of today that's not possible.

But it's something we will consider.
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Re: Adding your own covers

30 Oct 2020, 12:29

You should already have that option.
As much for Saturn and Dreamcast. I have several games that have been translated into my language and i do not have the possibility to leave them with the covers.
Case of the Shenmue II of DC that was added voices in English.
The menu is horrible with games without covers.
I expect this option in the next MODE update.

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Re: Adding your own covers

07 Nov 2020, 06:15

I don't "expect" this feature, but it definitely would be a value add in my opinion. New games like "Xeno Crysis" for example isn't just a hack or mod, it's a "retail" game that was released on many platforms including current gen platforms, yet it doesn't have cover art via the official db_dc.bin.

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Re: Adding your own covers

07 Nov 2020, 21:14

I would love this feature more than anything. Just supporting something like "Folder.jpg" would be amazing. Also User images should override database covers, that way if a database cover is stuck in "cover loading" the user could replace it with their own cover.

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Re: Adding your own covers

09 Nov 2020, 18:13

With the releasing of the atomiswave roms and all the indies roms or port or emulator, it's a must have.

Simply allow to put the cover in the rom folder with a specific prefix live [COVER], [CD], [BACK], etc to superseed the database cover ?


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Re: Adding your own covers

13 Nov 2020, 18:10

I second this option, with all the great new hacks and 3rd party titles it makes using Cover view less appealing.

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Re: Adding your own covers

25 Nov 2020, 02:10

any news?

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