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MODE 240p Menu Option

Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 10:24
by TokyoRebirth
Hey guys,

I received your awesome MODE a few days ago (man that was fast! The last few times I had to wait a lot longer for the NeoSD Pro and MegaSD ;) ), and I'm in love with it. I use it for my NTSC Sega Saturn with an OSSC. The cable is made from Retro Gaming Cables so I get the most out of the picture and sound (you should upgrade too for the youtube videos, so others won't ask you "why the audio is bad" or something :P )

My question is just - could you add an option in the main menu to make the menu 240p instead of 480i? Just because the OSSC constantly loses sync between the Saturn Start, the Menu and the game, and because...well, it's interlaced. I know the resolution isn't the best for covers, but for the list it should be a great alternative. Since you already have the possibility of Saturn-only options, I thought this one could be another one.

Anyway, thank you for all the hard work you guys made, and I can't wait for the next big thing (Please make an PS2 ODE :lol: )

Re: MODE 240p Menu Option

Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 01:58
by billiesn
I would also like to see this added as an option. Using the XRGB mini I never see the sega saturn intro or mode splash screen.

Re: MODE 240p Menu Option

Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 02:47
by RevQuixo
It's on the feature request list, but its a significant change. Might take awhile to see it.

Re: MODE 240p Menu Option

Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 07:07
by Surfnet
Agreed. This is needed. Framemeister not a happy camper too

Re: MODE 240p Menu Option

Posted: 16 Oct 2020, 23:06
by Jefferson
Not trying to necro this thread, but +1 for 240p. Is this still on the radar?