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Light Guns and the MegaSD

25 Mar 2020, 21:10

Have any other users experienced issues with the MegaSD and light guns?

I had an issue where I bought a Justifier used, tried it, wouldn't work, figured I'd been had, bought another one, didn't work. And then began troubleshooting.

I disabled the Graphics scaler speedup option and it began working better. I think. It was the only option I could find that might make the screen flicker go too fast for the gun to pick up. Unsure if I'm even in the ballpark.

Playing Lethal Enforcers, it almost seemed like the Sega CD version was more accurate and missed less shots than the Genesis one. Unsure why that would be.

I'm looking to see if others have experienced this or know of the best settings to apply to use light guns.


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Re: Light Guns and the MegaSD

27 Mar 2020, 19:43

Just to be sure:
You're playing on a CRT (tube) screen, right?

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Re: Light Guns and the MegaSD

01 Apr 2020, 22:26

Is it a secret?

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Re: Light Guns and the MegaSD

03 Apr 2020, 16:27

Thank you for the reply. Sorry for my late reply.

I did solve this issue though. It was an all of the above problem for me...

Yes, I was using a CRT but that also turned out to be part of the issue. I have upgraded my CRT to a better one and it is working better now.

3 things to note for people who may have similar setups:

- Not all games are equal
The reason I was looking at the Mega SD in the first place was because my Saturn/Dreamcast light guns worked well. Not perfect...also the TV

- Switch boxes may cause too much delay for a specific game to work.
I know it sounds obvious but because my Saturn was working fine I didn't immediately think it was the box or the TV.

-Genesis is more finicky than the Saturn/Dreamcast
This is also where I wasn't sure if it is the Mega SD or hardware/TV. My cartridge of lethal enforces does not work, so I can only test the light guns using the MEGA SD. Basically I had no way of testing using an original cartridge instead of the Mega SD.

So, in closing. For best experience while using Mega SD for light guns:
1. I think GRAPHICS SCALER SPEEDUP should be set to OFF
- This initially seemed to help while using my old TV and through switch boxes. But still unplayable, most shots were reloads
- If someone can tell me that this is pointless I will try it with it back on with my new setup
2. Make sure video output is directly into TV
- Switch boxes cause delay and make the light gun not see the hit box. This was only an issue for the Genesis and not noticeable on Saturn/Dreamcast.
3. Not Mega SD related, Turn off whatever lights you can
- This just helps

Sorry for the dump. Trying not to sound like Captain Obvious but couldn't find much in the threads about light guns. This took me a while of unhooking/hooking everything back up and going through multiple light guns...But I can enjoy Lethal Enforcers again so that's a win.

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Re: Light Guns and the MegaSD

12 Sep 2020, 20:34

Adding my experiences with the Mega SD and light guns to this thread rather than creating my own: I have a Sega Light Phaser and a blue Konami Justifier, a model 1 Genesis and obviously a CRT that works with lightguns.

I have been able to use the Phaser with the 2nd player port hacked versions of the Master System games. I wasn't able to run the non-hacked games, because you can't have the gun in the 1st player port and select the game and I couldn't get the gun to work after selecting the game. After getting the hacked games going, I had an issue where the gun fired consistently to the right of the barrel with my cheap aftermarket composite cable and cheap composite switcher. For whatever reason, upgrading to HD Retrovision component cables (also through a cheap switcher) solved that problem. So the light phaser works pretty much perfectly now.

For the Justifier, initially I had a lot of problems using it with the Mega SD. Then I downloaded the light gun manual and it said that the gun shouldn't be plugged in at all when you're not playing a compatible game. And, indeed, I found that leaving the light gun plugged into the 2nd player port even messed up the Mega SD menu sometimes, causing crashes and unresponsiveness. Also, I had some dead spots during aiming, almost always the lower half or sometimes third of the screen that would not register shots. I discovered that most Sega Light gun games don't use the lower half of the screen that frequently. However, it seems like the problems might have been solved by waiting until booting up the games to connect the Justifier to the player 2 port.

I have some more testing to do with Sega CD games, but I will say that Mad Dog McCree 1 + 2 are possible to successfully play with the Justifier. I tried to play them with a controller and got nowhere. And of course Snatcher is more fun with a light gun. Lethal Enforcers 1 + 2 are good, but I wouldn't say great. I do wish that the next revision of the Mega SD firmware would make having the Justifier connected during menu selections possible, as it is a pain to have to plug the gun in while booting up the game, but I understand that it's probably not a priority.

Oh, I also should say that I tried most of the suggestions above and they didn't seem to make a difference in my case. I messed with brightness, bypassed the switch boxes and tried the graphic speedup switch with no changes in performance. Also, I have a 32 inch Sony Trinitron flat tube TV, as I've seen other people claim that the flat tube can adversely affect light gun performance, but I don't have access to a non-flat tube at the moment, so I can't say whether it makes a difference. I will say that I have Guncons, both 1 and 2, and they are perfect on the screen. The phaser is now near perfect. My NES Zapper also performs flawlessly. The Justifier shots aren't perfect, but they are tightly grouped.

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Re: Light Guns and the MegaSD

16 Sep 2020, 04:01

I just ordered a menacer for my collection but honestly need a list of games, and what guns work for each one?

Justifier I assume works only on konami games. And Menacer won't work with anything except for games specifically made for it? That leaves 3rd party games not made by Konami, and wondering which gun works with them?

For SMS games I'd need the phaser?

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Re: Light Guns and the MegaSD

16 Sep 2020, 21:40

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Light Gun Compatibility:

Menacer only:
T2 The arcade game
Menacer 6-in-1 Cart
Body Count

Justifier only:
Lethal Enforcers 1 and 2

Both Menacer and Justifier can be used to play the following titles:
Corpse Killer
Crime Patrol
Mad Dog McCree
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold
Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Yes, the phaser must be used for the Master System light gun games and you need the patched 2 player port roms to use the phaser with the Mega SD. This is because the gun normally needs to be plugged into the first port of the Genesis when the game is booted and that is impossible to do from the Mega SD menu because you cannot boot the game with the gun plugged into the first port.

Using the Justifier and the Mega SD, I finished Mad Dog 1 for the first time. It's so much easier with a proper light gun, even with the low resolution and limited color palette.

For the Justifier, it only works properly if I wait to plug it in until just after I select the game from the menu. I do have the TMSS version of the Genesis. I'm not sure if that gives me a longer window between selecting the game and the game looking for the gun. The issue is that the games look for the peripheral just as the game boots and you can't have the gun plugged in while navigating the Mega SD menu, so you need to be quick and careful, as I get a full crash if I accidentally nudge the Mega SD cartridge. It's a bit of a pain, but it has worked so far.

Hopefully, the Menacer will work fine with the Mega SD. Good luck!

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