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Re: Waiting on my Mega SD

03 Sep 2019, 18:23

Todd wrote:
03 Sep 2019, 17:47
Thanks for being so understanding to our local customs issue.
Its an issue that I think could of been avoided, the items I am sure is manufactured else where in the world and easily could of been shipped from there. Also it seems a little odd that the customs office can not handle the orders, if its the same thing over and over, are they just retarded?

It really has got to the point of unacceptable, I truly hope that TerraOnion figures it out. Its no doubt that the designers at TerraOnion are wizards, but it might be time to let someone else handle the actual sales, shipping and delivery of the product, they have clearly gotten themselves into something they can no longer control and handle in a way that best serves the clients.

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