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Just got my Mega SD! Just a few tips for anyone else

08 Aug 2019, 21:31

So i just got my Mega SD in the mail and it is Glorious!

I'm using mine on analogues Mega SG console.

A lot of the info is already in the supplied manual.

Some things I've learn't:

The micro SD card goes label side away from the cartridge. So if the mega SD label is facing you you'll want to flip over the Micro sd card so its pins are facing you if that makes sense.

The Micro SD slot is pretty recessed in there, so if you don't have long nails it's a little tricky to push in. I personally just use a toothpick to push it in there.

My CDDA and PCM volume levels were defaulted at 0. So when i went to play Sega CD games there was no audio, which initially freaked me out. Of course they need to be adjusted, the recommended setting being 80%.

The rom version of Pier Solar works fine from what i can tell.

Sega CD prototypes work. Which means lot's of time playing Desert Bus!

Turning on the game reset and menu's is highly recommended. There are certain games that won't let you bring up the in game menu but you can still get out to the main menu by holding up+start to use the in game reset.

I can't seem to use the in game reset for Master System games. However I am not sure if this is because i am using 8 bitdo's Genesis controller which uses the start button as a Master System pause button. (If anyone can confirm if this is the reason let me know). The games stay in the Megs SG memory so using the Run Cartridge option on the Mega SD just resets the current Master System game.

Anyways i'm blown away by how awesome this is and I can't wait to test out more Sega CD games!

Big thank's to Terraonion for making this possible!

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