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MSDEXP adapter release date

04 Aug 2019, 08:24

Any idea when the MSDEXP adapter might be available? My MegaSD has just shipped, and I would really like to try some of those 32X CD games.

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Re: MSDEXP adapter release date

07 Sep 2019, 23:27

I came here looking for exactly this as well. I'd love to know when we can expect its release. That's the only thing really missing on this cart at this point.
I'm hoping they'll email everyone that bought a Mega SD at that time, as that would both help the sales of the adapter, and ensure no one misses out while it is available.

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Re: MSDEXP adapter release date

09 Sep 2019, 22:13

I just came here looking for this info as well. Keeping the thread alive in the hopes we'll have an answer soon.

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Re: MSDEXP adapter release date

09 Sep 2019, 23:24

There are a few prototypes floating around currently. Kevtris made one as well and showed it off.

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Re: MSDEXP adapter release date

11 Sep 2019, 05:03

Also curious about this.

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