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Re: Sega Nomad - CD mod required for Mega SD

29 Aug 2019, 05:13

Mobiusstriptech wrote:
28 Aug 2019, 17:53
chrisw80 wrote:
28 Aug 2019, 17:17
Mobiusstriptech wrote:
28 Aug 2019, 06:41
I will take a look at a few things but this doesn't make much sense because the connections being made are simply the same line connections that would exist in say a Genesis/MegaDrive 1 or 2.

This issue definitely will not exist in the triple bypass, which will now be the easier mod of the 2. I just need to finish the balancing of the channels. Which is only waiting on the final prototypes to arrive.
Is there anyone located in the US that does this mod? Or the triple bypass for the Nomad? Would love to play Sega CD games on my Nomad.
I am in the US. I am the creator of the Nomad Triple Bypass. Currently it is not yet available for purchase or install but it will be. I can do the "simple" mod as well but I will honestly recommend just waiting.
Will do.

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