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MEGASG- Music/Sound effect Problems

06 Sep 2019, 22:33

I am playing my the Analog MegaSG

I tried out Popful Mail today and the music at the forest beginning is not playing correctly. I can hear the drums but the melody is very very soft.
I am also having sound issues with the md+ games.
Music sound loud but sound effects are very low on outrun and streets of rage 2.

I have addusted the audio levels but still the same

However when played on original system is sounds normal.

I am not sure you anyone else is having this issue or are there any setting I need to change on my Analog MegaSG


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Re: MEGASG- Music/Sound effect Problems

07 Sep 2019, 02:15

This is an issue with the Mega SG in general unfortunately. The volume is much lower than VA3-VA6 original hardware by default and there’s currently no way to replicate the sound of those consoles. Right now you’re better off just using original hardware if you are concerned with the volume level.

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Re: MEGASG- Music/Sound effect Problems

09 Sep 2019, 02:50

I have found the problem.

Apparently I had the "Cartridge and CD audio volume" way to high on the MegaSG system.

I had it around 140 so I lowered in way down to around 40 and now it sound almost perfect on both MD+ and CD games!

Just in case anyone else has this issue I wanted to update post.


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