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Mega SD v1.01 R12 Bugs and Question

04 Aug 2019, 11:07

Mega SD Firmware v1.01 R12
Mega Sg Jailbreak Firmware 7.5

- When UI sounds are enabled, holding down when you're at the bottom of the options menu loops the interface sound. When selecting games, this behaviour is not present. Consider revising for consistency.
- Consider changing "Disable UI Sounds" to "Disable UI sounds" to keep capitalization more consistent with the rest of the menu options.
- When Reset Mode is set to SOFT, Lords of Thunder hangs/crashes at the main menu. Considering that the Mega SD manual tells you to set the Reset Mode to HARD for the Mega Sg, this might not be something that needs to be changed.
- Sonic 3 Complete ROM hack doesn't seem to be able to generate in-game save files when playing from the Mega SD.

- Moving forward, how should we list and report bugs? Are threads like this preferred?

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Re: Mega SD v1.01 R12 Bugs and Question

04 Aug 2019, 17:22

Soft reset is useful on TMSS consoles, as it avoids the license screen when loading a game or returning to menu. I recommend having it in HARD mode for other models (including megasg) and higher compatibility.

About sonic 3 complete. The problem is that by default, if the rom area overlaps the save area (sonic 3 complete save address is 200000h and rom size is 3C0000h), megasd will only enable thr save if it's in its whitelist, however you can force it to work:
Create a text file in the SD directory were your rom is stored with the following text:

Then rename it to the same name than your game rom, but with cfg extension. If your game rom is named Sonic3C.gen, rename the text file to Sonic3C.cfg . Ensure you have the extensions visible if you are using windows, otherwise you might end with a file named Sonic3C.cfg.txt and that won't work.
If you did that correctly, when loading the game, hold the A button so the info screen stays there, and check that the mapper shown there is 0A instead of 00 . Release the A button to continue loading and it should now save properly.

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Re: Mega SD v1.01 R12 Bugs and Question

04 Aug 2019, 20:52

That worked! Sonic 3 Complete saves now. Here's one more question though:

Is it possible to use the .sav files generated by the Mega Sg on games I'm playing through the Mega SD? I know the Sg uses .sav and the SD uses .srm, but they seem to take up the same amount of space on disc. I tried just re-naming the .sav to .srm and it didn't work, but I'd love to carry over saves from one to the other.

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