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Terraonion Summer Vacations 2018

27 Jun 2018, 22:16

Hello everyone,

From tomorrow 28-06-2018 until 16-07-2018 we are going to get a two weeks and a half break.

This means that we will still be arround but with limited conectivity and there will not be any shipments until 16-07-2018. Answering emails will be affected by a delay.
All orders placed until tomorrow at 16:00 Spanish hour will be shipped tomorrow. The rest of the orders placed after tomorrow will be shipped on 16-07-2018 (in two weeks and a half) by purchase order.

We will get another week in August, from 04-08-2018 until 11-08-2018, so the same behaviour will apply during this week.

As today we have plenty stock of neosd MVS, really low stock of NEOSD AES and medium stock of super sd system 3.

Based on the actual sales numbers, we may run out of super sd system 3 stock at the middle or end of august. We have submited a new SSDS3 batch but we are still unsure about when factory will deliver it cause we still don´t have all the parts needed for the batch. We hope to shor that next week but we are unsure about the delivery times cause factories clossing by summer vacations.

NEOSD AES next batch will take a little longer to arrive, cause we still haven´t started to source parts or ordered pcbs for it.


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Re: Terraonion Summer Vacations 2018

01 Jul 2018, 23:50


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