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Stock and shipments status

13 Apr 2018, 15:48

Hello everyone,

We finally have the forums up !!

I will try to explain the shipment status for all our products.



SUPER SD SYSTEM 3 : 100s of units in stock
NEOSD AES : 100s of units in stock (we were out of stock until yesterday)
NEOSD MVS : low stock, about 20 units left before next batch (next batch should arrive in 3-4 weeks)


Super SD System 3 demand was much bigger than we initialy thought, this has caused a delay in all our shipments, even having stock.

Mounting, programing, validating, packing and shipping units takes a big amount of time.

As today we have a delay of about 6 weeks from purchase date of super sd system 3 orders.

We expect to be up to date with shipments in about 6 weeks, and if sales continue at the same rate, we should be able to reduce the shipments times to 2-3 weeks .

We have enough stock (based on current sales), to last until middle june. After that we will have to source more chips to produce more units, so we will be depending on suppliers to build more.
What this means : stocking chips has became a nightmare for the last months, for some parts such as the ST ARMs we are using, the delivery times is 3 months.

Anyways, we are doing our best to ship every single order in the less possible time.


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