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Sweden reporting in

14 Apr 2018, 10:19

Great to see a forum/community build up around SSDS3 (and other Terraonion products I guess ;) ).

I sold my Turbo EverDrive to get the SSDS3 and so far I'm pleased. I use SCART RGB connected to CRT and picture is astounding. I get buzzing in some games but am confident the issue will get resolved. I'm really happy to be playing the gems from the PC Engine CD library.

I mostly play shmups but I can also be caught playing (arcade) racing games and fighting games on occasion.

Let's make this forum a great place to hang out!

Future product I would most like to see: Atari Jaguar flash cart (with ODE).
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Daniel Lundh
Shmup player and SSDS3 owner.

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