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Intellivision & Intellivision Amico

28 Jan 2020, 06:47

Did anyone else reserve the Intellivision Amico? I wasn't very interested in getting it when it was announced, but due to a bunch of factors, I'm now convinced enough to get one, especially since Intellivision forbids all of the garbage practices that other modern companies do. Tommy Tallarico says he has something really cool planned for E3, so I'm looking forward to seeing whatever it is.

As for the original Intellivision, my mother had one and I enjoyed it, so I'm interested in getting one, especially since it's not something you can really do without the real controller. Too bad you have to drill holes in it to get RGB, and I absolutely refuse to do that, so it looks like I might be stuck with RF unless there is a way to 3D print a new bottom half for it. Any ideas? I found one here in town in nice condition a while ago (to be expected since the Japanese take excellent care of their games in general), but I didn't have a CRT yet, was short on cash, and the OSSC obviously doesn't accept RF, so I didn't buy it. I hope it's still there.

There is apparently a WIP MiSTer core for the Intellivision, but I don't know how well that would work without the original controller. I just got my DE10-Nano (but no other parts yet) in the mail about 25~26 hours ago. I don't have a way to actually use it yet, but I'll look into it more when I am able to do more than plug it in and look at the menu.

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