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I got mine yesterday and have a couple of questions

16 May 2018, 19:58

I just got mine yesterday and have a couple of questions, hopefully some one can help me.

First of all my english kinda sucks, is not my first language so sorry if i sound rude.

1. I tried to register at neosd downloads but it gives me the error that "The product serial number does not exist.". The serial is that number on the sticker at the bottom of the unit right? also, i should register my unit because of.... ? firmware update or what?

2. It says clearle that the unit only accepts .pce files for hucard games and bin, cue for CD games. I have a bunch of .ISO games is there a way to convert those ISO files into BIN?

3. "Per Game Back up Ram"? is this for saving game process? if so, how can i save and load games?

4. I see on the right bottom of the menu there a space for like a screenshot (??), maybe im wrong and its not for that... if so... how can i add a screeshot for each game?

My unit was shipped on may 10th (by UPS, arrrgh those custom fees were expensive :cry: ) im pretty sure i got v2 and i cant barely hear the audio buzz issue, i have a turbo duo rgb modded and use an everdrive with it.. and the same rom sounds better on this setup that with SSD3, but it certainly not that bad at all, i really did not hear that anoying, unplayable audio buzz everyone is talking about. I dont have a hiend sound system i have a set of good computer speakers out from my gscart switch, they sound pretty good and if the buzz is there i was not able to hear it. Maybe im def i dont know.

The only thing that bugged me, was that the "Boot last game" option was activated by default or by me (i dont know) and it was a pain in the ass go back to the SD card on my PC and detele the file to boot again to menu.

So far im loving the SSD3, i will be testing it more specially with cd games.


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Re: I got mine yesterday and have a couple of questions

16 May 2018, 21:27

I just have a comment for 2. Just put the game on the SD card and see if it runs. I haven't had any trouble loading any CD game and I'm not even sure what format they were in. They just work.
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Re: I got mine yesterday and have a couple of questions

16 May 2018, 21:31

Some of these questions are answered in the manual, but here are the answers:

1. The store page is being redesigned so the registration of ssds3 is not possible yet. It will work in the new store.

2. Iso files are also supported (either with a .cue or without). Using just a .iso file without a .cue will probably work, but will lack audio. Cue + iso is ok.

3. That option changes the way the cd unit backup ram is saved to the sd, either a single file (backup.bup) shared by all games, or a file per game. Cd backup ram is only 2kb, so the "per game" option is recommended, unless you want the real cd ram experience (of deleting save games when the backup ram is full).

4. The screenshot will be created with a tool that we'll made available once the new web is up.

The new firmware will contain an option to reduce the audio volume amplification and remove most of the distortion that some users noticed on the audio.

Also, if you set the boot to last game option, you can always enter the menu by holding the RUN button while powering up the pce.

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Re: I got mine yesterday and have a couple of questions

16 May 2018, 22:39

Greaat! thanks for your replies!

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