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Bubblegum Crash English Translation Freezing

04 Oct 2020, 21:03

I hesitated to even post this, as I don't know whether this is a hardware issue or not. It's a translation of the Bubblegum Crash rom, so it's technically a hack. Due to this, it could very well be an issue with the hacked rom. I'm guessing that so few people actually play this game that no one has discovered the issue.

The game is playable, however at random times it'll freeze up/lock up and sometimes display strange ascii text all over the screen. I find that I can speed up the frequency of this occurrence by pressing buttons repeatedly in an attempt to speed up dialogue. Powering down the console and then restarting my save file allows me to continue. I've just learned to save often. I'm near the end of the game, so it appears that it is completable, so long as I don't get impatient with my button presses.

I have not tried to play the game on an emulator or any other hardware to see if this issue occurs on other hardware. I'm just offering it here in case it helps for when you look at the next firmware revision. I can also understand if you don't bother, since it is a hack. My Japanese isn't good enough that I can try the original to see if I get similar results.

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