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Re: All Arcade Card games suddenly glitch/unplayable

15 Oct 2020, 20:29

Todd wrote:
13 Oct 2020, 23:00
Tested pixeljunkie's SSDS3. Arcade Card games are borked on it. Tested a couple different SD cards and image sets. Same results.

I have a spare SSDS3 PCB on hand to swap out for him. Just waiting on confirmation.

I know there were a couple other folks with Arcade Card issues.

Please send us an email with order number and exact details of the issue. I will try to make arrangements to take care of these.
Happy to hear pixeljunkie and others affected have a resolution.

As a fellow owner, I would love to hear what the root cause of this issue is and if this is something to be concerned with for someone unaffected thus far. I don't cycle through arcade card games on a regular basis on my setup. So the concern being that I may not encounter the issue now but could at a later date.

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