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Everything deleted

27 Oct 2020, 03:16

I haven't had this Super SD System 3 for very long, but the games have been mostly playable. However, when attempting to launch Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, rather than seeing the usual BIOS screen before the game loads, I just saw "Loading..." in the same font used elsewhere in the UI. It stayed like that for a while. Once I realized that the Loading screen was never going to go away, I turned my system off. When I turned it back on, my games weren't showing up and there were some weird green shapes on the screen. These shapes appeared both with and without the microSD card inserted. I put the card in my PC and discovered that ALL 188GB of games had been deleted. The only thing remaining was an empty "bup" folder. This is a brand new Sandisk 256GB microSD card. I'm using a US version Turbografx-16.

Before I spend several days re-downloading everything, I want to find out how to stop this same thing from happening again. If there is a game file that the Super SD System 3 doesn't like for whatever reason, there should be a failsafe that simply boots back to the main menu after a specified length of time. The correct error handling method for this shouldn't be to erase all my games.

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Re: Everything deleted

28 Oct 2020, 02:05

Same thing happened with a different microSD card that I tried. Different game from the redump set.

I verified that none of the pins were bent. Also verified my TurboGrafx-16 works with my dbGrafx. My TurboEverdrive also works as expected. It appears like a firmware issue with the SSS3.

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Re: Everything deleted

29 Oct 2020, 15:21

This is probably an issue with your microSD card. What brand are they? Authentic cards?

SSDS3 can't just delete everything from the card.
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