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SD card access noise on new ssd3 unit.

11 Jan 2019, 19:09

PCEngine model: core grafx unmodded

Power Supply: original Atari jaguar psu. Output 9 V at1.2 A

Video cable: RGB scart

SD card brand: sandisk ultra

Region modded?: No mods at all.

SSDS3 revision 1 or 2?: Revision 2.

In Game Trigger enabled in the Options menu? No

Any other details specific to your setup: connected directly to CRT TV using megadrive 2 RGB scart cable.

Problem or Issue: Audio buzzing when accessing the SD card cd ROM games. There is no Noise when playing hucards from the SD system3 or original Hu cards neither is there noise when using the same cable with a megadrive 2.

Image of board here

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