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Re: Crashes with Streat Figther 2, Gradius etc.

17 Oct 2019, 10:39

Sorry to step in, but it could also be your console.
With the MegaSD, I was freaking out at first because in my main Megadrive MCD games would freeze, display graphic artifacts or not even boot at all.
Turns out, that MD which works flawlessly with original MCD+32X and never had a single issue - it was the culprit. Tested other 3 MDs and they worked like charms with MCD games on MegaSD.
So maybe my MD would need a recap (I guess?) so your PCE may need that as well. Or, your RGB mod is interfering somehow.

SSSD3 is very sensitive, and as a matter of fact those (like me) who have a Coregrafx have several issues with Arcade Card games.

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Re: Crashes with Streat Figther 2, Gradius etc.

02 Nov 2019, 22:58


I had a VERY similar problem. I ended up replacing the Turbografx's custom microprocessor IC to fix it; this was a turbografx which I purchased brand new back in 1988ish, only one owner, and after 30 years it had acquired a heat related problem -- so yes, old chips can go bad. Try to find someone near you that has a known working console to borrow and test with the SSS3. Otherwise, you need to find another console (or someone who can diagnose and repair your existing one).

For what its worth, I doubt you are having power quality problems. Houses generally don't have those issues unless you're tied in to the same local grid circuit as someone using really, really big motors, with ancient motor controllers. (Alternately, having a large number of electronic dimmers could also cause power problems).

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Re: Crashes with Streat Figther 2, Gradius etc.

03 Nov 2019, 00:22

Power quality problems don't have to come from outside of the console (although they can).

Among others, common ones which can happen "at" the console include:
- DC output from the AC adapter having poor conditioning, voltage, or current
- degradation of the power-conditioning capacitors immediately before or immediately after the voltage regulator
- degradation of PC board power traces
- degradation of decoupling capacitors at any point along the power-transmission pathway
- if too much load is placed on the power supply (I have seen some egregious modifications which suck lots of power, and end up causing power conditioning issues)

Using poor aftermarket joysticks can also do this - I saw recently a joypad with very wrong pull-up resistors, which would draw ~100mA when buttons were pressed. (Should be <6mA)

I suspect that the SSD3 is already drawing more power than standard devices would (since the CDROM peripherals would have their own power supplies), so it's pushing the envelope.


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