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White screen after powering on

09 Oct 2019, 21:04

PCEngine model: CoreGrafx (modded for RGB with a jail bar fix and new caps by the previous owner)

Power Supply: original 9v NEC adapter

Video cable: HD Retrovision component cables

SD card brand: Sandisk Ultra 256GB

Region modded?: no

SSDS3 revision 1, 2 or B?: 2

In Game Trigger enabled in the Options menu? no

Any other details specific to your setup: the SSD3 was modded with the FU-RGB board and FBX audio amp by Mobius Strip Tech. the system is connected to an OSSC going to a Denon receiver and LG 4k OLED

Problem or Issue: I'm only getting a blank white screen shortly after powering on the system. The green LED on the SSD3 lights up and that's it. I've received the same result whether the SD card is inserted or not. I tried different cables and all my other consoles in my setup are displaying picture and sound. It's been a couple of months since I powered on the PC Engine but everything had been working fine since late last year. Not sure if it's an issue with the SSD3 or the PC Engine.

UPDATE: it appears to be an issue with the PC Engine. I get the same blank screen without the SSD3 attached. (I didn't see an option to delete post. please feel free to remove admins)

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