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OSSC settings for SSDS3 w/ FU-RGB board?

06 Jul 2019, 23:34

This'll be the 3rd forum I've posted on to no avail... Can anybody please share their SSDS3 w/ FU-RGB board OSSC settings? I can't get 256x240 adv. timings to work properly - only Generic 4:3 gives me a decent grid and checkerboard (which are nowhere near as nice as the adv. timings I just did for my NES/SNES/Genesis/Saturn).

I've tried the Firebrandx ones, but those are for a SuperGrafx with Voultar's RGB board installed. When I try those the image is perfectly sharp, and the checkerboard image is nice and clean, but the console seems to be zoomed in around ~200% weirdly enough. Changing the H/V backporch and Sampling Phase (as suggested) doesn't help (nor does the 2+ hours I tried tuning EVERYTHING I could possibly try lol).

I'm using a nearly NIB USA TG16/TurboGrafx 16, SSDS3 w/ FU-RGB + Audio board, using Retro-Access coaxial cable, original power supply. Looks perfect on my CRT's, and again, the Generic 4:3 looks OK, just a far cry from what I've been able to achieve on other consoles with the OSSC. Oh, did the simple jailbar fix too if that matters.

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Re: OSSC settings for SSDS3 w/ FU-RGB board?

11 Jul 2019, 07:15

Hi Dochartaigh; these settings look OK to me using RGB+CSYNC:
  • Grid 256x240, Grid 512x240:
    Sampling opt./Adv. timing 256x240:
    H. samplerate: 341; H. synclen 25; H. backporch 37
    Output opt.:
    240p/288p proc: Line3x; Line3x mode: 256x240 optim.
  • Grid 320x240:
    Sampling opt./Adv. timing 320x240:
    H. samplerate: 455; H. synclen 31; H. backporch 61
    Output opt.:
    240p/288p proc: Line5x; Line5x mode: 320x240 optim.

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